【2012 May】百分百网络传播机构拥有多年网页设计和网站建设经验,我们立足于广州网站建设市场,结合网站优化经验为各大中小型企业提供网站建设服务,特别是外贸网站建设,已经成功地为广大客户赢得市场。网站建设:020-38680042



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Fruit Ninja Slices Into Plush Toys and Electronics

Following the likes of Angry Birds and FarmVille, Fruit Ninja will start selling fuzzy merchandise this year. Halfbrick Studios — the creator of the Fruit Ninja app — teamed up with Jazwares Inc. to create Fruit Ninja plush toys, headphones, ear buds and speakers. Sensei, the "frui

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