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Cut the Rope for iphone

On 4 October 2010 "Cut the Rope game" for iOS was made available for the iPhone and iPod touch through the iTunes App Store. A native (HD) version for the iPad was released on 6 October 2010. This was followed by the release of a free version with fewer levels for each device on the next day, called Cut the Rope Lite and Cut the Rope HD Lite respectively.

Nine days after its release, the game had been purchased one million times and risen to the top of the App Store's charts. According to, this made it the fastest-selling iOS game to reach that number of sales. As of December 2010, it had been purchased three million times.

After Pocket God,Fighting games, Doodle Jump and Angry Birds, we have another super-popular mobile game getting its own comic book – Cut the Rope game.

As you can imagine, the upcoming comics will feature Om Nom, exploring the character’s yet untold backstory while building upon his in-game adventures.

However, it’s important to add these comics won’t come in print — rather, ZeptoLab’s partner Ape Entertainment will release them as digital comic books in the form of a mobile app. The first such application will be released in Apple’s AppStore in late August.

ZeptoLab unveiled its plans for a digital comic book at the Comic-Con International 2011, soon after announcing the forthcoming update for Cut the Rope and Om Nom plush toys.

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