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Google Store gaming revenues exceeding Sony and Nintendo games ,tom cat;revenues

Application market analysts AppAnnie data show that the second quarter of 2013, Google Play App Store gaming revenues than Nintendo and Sony handheld console games in total revenues, ranking second, Apple's App Store ranking.

Google Store gaming revenues exceeding Sony and Nintendo games revenues

According to data provided by App Annie, Nintendo and Sony Playstation games on second-quarter revenue decline year on year, while Apple AppStore and Google Play platform gaming revenues continue to grow. Currently, Apple's App Store and Google Play platform game consoles income is four times.

The latest figures also show that this group,Games online, the smart phone platform gaming revenue growth has become a trend. With the continuous penetration of smart phones, handheld gaming on consumer spending will be smaller.

Although Nintendo 3DS consoles in July this year sold a total of 225,000 in the United States Department of the United States to become the best-selling game that month, but it is also the face of iOS and Android devices confronted with the fierce competition, which is the total sales of the month reach millions. iOS and Android devices on the game development easier and cheaper prices.

Apple iOS and Android platforms for handheld gaming revenues will continue to expand the lead. According to App Annie studies. In May this year, Apple's App Store and Google Play handheld gaming platform game revenue is four times that.

The rise of smart phones, so traditional games manufacturers have felt the growing crisis. Earlier this year, Sony PS Vita in Japan, cut console prices. This week, Sony will this price dropped to $ 199 console. At the same time, Nintendo is also actively soliciting developers, trying to touch their Wii U and 3DS portable game developers can compete with iOS and Android platform game. 

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